Welcome to Scamps Squash Club

We are a small, friendly squash club with a difference.


Firstly we only play on Tuesday evenings, but more importantly players have no need to worry about booking courts at a busy leisure club as this is all pre-arranged for you.


We play at the Garrison Sport complex in Aldershot and use all six glass backed courts. 


Scamps has been running for many years. We have five leagues of 7 players and each session runs for 8 weeks, plus a ‘friendlies’ night.


The standard of play is broad, which makes for a very enjoyable mix.


Whilst we are as competitive as we are friendly, we also enjoy an occasional social event. Such events have included, skittles, greyhound racing, drinking, etc


For more information please contact one of the people on our Contacts Page or drop by on a Tuesday evening when any of the members will be able to provide you with more information.